Omore Mango Brick 750ml

Omore Mango Brick 750ml

Our Omore mango brick is available at very minimal price. The brick is 750 Milliliter and is the perfect treat for the family after dinner,

You can serve it to guests and even enjoy it with friends at any time of the day,

A perfect dessert after a meal and not so heavy but a perfect snack in between meals is our mango brick,

It contains the tasty flavor of mango fruit and its aroma can fulfill the need for mango especially in winters,

Consuming it would not only provide taste but also some important nutrients that are essential for the human body,

Not many people know but Ice cream is a huge source of vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12. Thus, with the taste, it is an amazing food with nutrients,

So head over to our website and order our Omore mango brick to enjoy it with your family.


Omore Mango Brick 750ml
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