Omore Pista 800ml

Omore Pista 800ml



Our Pista brick Omore ice cream is green in color,


It is filled with the aroma of pista and is garnished with green pistachios,


It is an 850-milliliter pack. Thus, it is perfect for gatherings and family meals,


The dessert is perfect after dinner or in between meals. Pistachio is healthy as it contains a lot of essential fats and nutrients,


The ice cream itself is the major source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E,


Thus, the frozen dessert which tastes delicious and provides you with nutrient benefits is the best deal,


Get our best Omore Pista brick ice cream today. Order from us our Omore pista brick Ice cream today and have a blast with your friends and family after the meal,


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Omore Pista 800ml
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