Omore Vanilla 375ml

Omore Vanilla 375ml

We make sure to provide the products which our customer demands.

Our Omore half brick vanilla ice cream is the best-frozen dessert for the bunch of friends and cousins to enjoy.

It can be the perfect snack in the evenings and in between meals. It is also a matched frozen dessert for small families.

You can enjoy the aroma and delicious taste of vanilla with your loved ones.

Vanilla is known to have a calming effect on the human brain and ice cream is known to alert and stimulate the brain.

Thus, consuming our half brick Vanilla ice cream is perfect before your work. We sell it at very minimal price.

It is very cheap and is affordable for many. So, if you are looking for a dessert that goes easy on your pocket these for you.


Omore Vanilla 375ml
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