Oreo Chocolate Cream LU

Oreo Chocolate is Everyone’s favorite Oreo biscuits with two chocolate biscuits and a layer of chocolate cream sandwiched between them. Indeed a chocolate overdose for a chocolate lover!

Oreo is an American sandwich cookie made from two chips (usually chocolate) filled with sweet cream. Introduced on March 6, 1912, Orio is the most popular brand of cookies in America. Until 2018, the version sold in the US was developed by Nabisco Mondles International.

The description says, “Black cocoa powder contains 10-12% fat and is often used in waffle cookies, such as ice cream sandwiches or ore cookies.” Not just Oreo.

It was made from lard. Like many other things, Oreo was filled with Lario. Fortunately (or, unfortunately, for pork fans), Nabisco received the note and turned it into vegetable oil in the 1990s.


Oreo Chocolate Cream LU
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