Oreo Strawberry Cream | Best & No 1 Cream Biscuit

Oreo Strawberry Cream is Not your ordinary oreo biscuits. These chocolate biscuits have a layer of strawberry cream in between the two biscuits, giving the perfect combination of different flavors, chocolate, and strawberry.

Orio Dark White Chocolate, released in October 2017, is made from chocolate chip cookies with two fillings: dark and white chocolate with vanilla flavor.

Chocolate hazelnut halo, spicy hot cinnamon halo, and hot cocoa halo.

People who like rich, sweet milk may prefer a spoonful of luxurious double cream, but be careful, as the fat content is about 48%.

The most common type of cream is used in desserts or applied to strawberries. Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

Here they are combined with emerald liqueur and low-fat sour cream for low-fat desserts.


Oreo Strawberry Cream
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