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The species in genus Spinacia are annual or biennial herbs. Plants are always glabrous,

Their stems grow erect and are unbranched or sparsely branched, The alternate leaves consist of a petiole and a simple blade,

The basal leaves are often forming a rosette. The leaf blade is triangular-hastate to ovate, sometimes with elongated lobes,

with entire or dentate margins and an acute apex,

The plants are usually dioecious, (rarely monoecious). The male flowers are in glomerules forming interrupted terminal spike-like panicles,

They consist of 4-5 oblong perianth segments and 4-5 stamens. Female flowers are in glomerules sitting in the leaf axils,

Enclosed by 2 accrescent or united bracteoles, without perianth, they consist of an ovary with 4-5 filiform stigmas,

In fruit, bracteoles become enlarged and hardened, sometimes with dentate margins, sometimes several flowers becoming connate,

The membranous pericarp adheres to the vertically orientated seed. The dark seed coat is spiny or smooth,

The embryo is annular, surrounding the copious, farinaceous perisperm.



Palak 1Pc
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