Pantene Green Smooth and Strong 360ml

Pantene Green Smooth and Strong is a silky smooth pentane conditioner with a mixture of argan and avocado oils that moisturizes dry hair.

Use daily to reduce hair loss by up to 98% and for beautiful, healthy-looking hair. See even better results when using it with Hair Fall Control.

This can definitely be harmful to your hair. This color can be very harmful if it is chemically curled, thin, curly, or dry.

According to their website, Pro-V promotes healthy hair growth while avoiding beautiful length shampoos.


Water, sterile alcohols, bis-aminopropyl dimethicone, bisentermium methosulfate, cetal alcohols, flavoring, isopropyl alcohols, benzyl alcohols, desdim EDTA, citric acid, acetylthyl, phthalethyl


Pantene Green Smooth and Strong
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