Pantene Smooth and Strong 360ml

Pantene Smooth and Strong reduces hair loss by up to 98% and for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

See even better results when using it with Hair Fall Control.

Most over the counter shampoos are honestly harmful to these hair types.

People see rapid improvement thanks to the wax in them, which gives a lot of shine and sticks to the edges from behind.

A good conditioner, such as Hair Fall Control Conditioner, retains moisture in the hair follicles and nourishes and protects the hair during the day.

Pantene’s silky smooth conditioner, which contains its vitamin formula.

It gives you long, straight, silky smooth hair during the day, which makes it a great experience.

A silky smooth pentane conditioner with a mixture of argan and avocado oils moisturizes dry hair.


Pantene Smooth and Strong
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