Pistachio 1 Kg

The pistachio, an angel of the cashew family, is a small tree native to Central Asia and the Middle East. The tree produces seeds that are widely eaten.

Vera is often confused with another species of pistachio, also called pistachio. These other species can be identified by geographical distribution (in the forest) and seeds, which are very small and soft shells.

The fruit is a stone with a long seed that is an edible part. The seed, commonly called a nut, is a pure, not a vegetable, nut. The fruit has a hard outer shell of cream color.

The seeds have purple skin and light green flesh with a distinctive taste. They offer a number of health benefits, especially for the heart, intestines, and back.

Regular use of these seeds can be a great way to improve your health and wellness. But people should stick to regular, unhealthy seeds in their shells and avoid eating more than an ounce a day.


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