Red Beans 1 Kg

Red Beans 1 Kg


There are different classifications of kidney beans, such as Red Beans (also called: common beans, beans in India, beans in Pakistan) to ensure the absence of foreign substances/impurities.

No added colors. No preservatives, no artificial flavors. Cranberry beans are medium-sized, oval-shaped beans with a twisted tan and red skin.

They are also called Roman beans. Cranberry beans are famous for their creamy structure, which tastes like oak. When these beans are ready, the red traces disappear.

Beans also contain vitamin B1 or thymine, which helps maintain nerve health and is essential for the metabolism of glucose and vitamin A in the body, a nutrient that improves vision.

And when both are red, the beans have a darker, reddish roof, while the beans are brighter, almost pink, have a reddish tinge, and have a very “flat” taste.

Despite their differences,these beans are often used in similar rice and stew recipes as beans and beans.




Red Beans 1 Kg
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