Sabroso Chicken Kofta

Sabroso Chicken Kofta


Koftay are undeniably a Pakistani delight. They are absolutely loved by everyone, especially when they are from Sabroso,

Sabroso’s chicken kofta is one of a kind because of how rich the flavours are. The spices are well balanced out to perfection and they are not too spicy nor too bland,

You may even use Sabroso’s chicken kofta to either make a dish out of it or you could just make something different like Nargisi koftay,

Chicken Koftay by Sabroso are loved by people all over Pakistan. It has the best flavour one could ask for,

It is very healthy for you and your family as it is packed with proteins and lots of carbohydrates,

All the chickens are kept in very hygienic conditions and are given very good feed in the farm, they are also free of additives and harmful chemicals.


Sabroso Chicken Kofta
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