Sabroso Gola Kabab

Sabroso Gola Kabab


Think of a Seekh Kabab, but slightly smaller. That is exactly what a Sabroso Gola Kabab is. It is bigger than a kofta and smaller than a Seekh Kabab,

It tastes absolutely brilliant with its amazing mix of spices which makes it a very flavourful experience. The Gola Kabab is a very interesting product by Sabroso because it is very easy to eat,

manage and it is not heavy at all. You could always have a side of Gola Kababs cooked with your lunch or dinner to make your food even more interesting than it actually is,

The kabab is very healthy to eat as all the chickens are given proper feed and they are kept in very healthy conditions,

That makes Sabroso’s Gola Kabab not only healthy for you but for your whole family as well. The next time on plan on having an amazing dinner at home,

And want to add an interesting touch to it, be sure to have a pack of Sabroso’s Gola Kabab with you!


Sabroso Gola Kabab
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