Sabroso Leg Tikka

Sabroso Leg Tikka

There is not one person who does not like a chicken tikka, that too when it is the leg piece,

Sabroso’s Leg Tikka are one of their most delicious products and are loved by people all over Pakistan. They have a very discrete taste and the best part is that the taste is not spicy at all,

It is the perfect combination of spices, making the leg tikka an absolute delight to eat. The tikka is a very essential part of everyone’s diet as it is a great source of Protein,

So that means not only is the tikka delicious but it is also very nutritious and healthy as well,

The tikka keeps not only you but your whole family healthy and active too! The next time you plan on shopping for groceries, make sure you have Sabroso’s leg tikka on the list,

Sabroso is the chicken specialist.



Sabroso Leg Tikka
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