Sabroso Zesty Fillet

 Sabroso Zesty Fillet


Who says a burger just has to be made out of a patty? If you are a fan of crispy chicken burgers then Zesty Fillet is the perfect choice for you,

It is exactly like the world famous Zinger burger but the catch is that you make this yourself at the convenience of your house,

The crisp of this fillet is so good that the burger that you make will be absolutely irresistible,

The fillet is very healthy for your body as well as it is made out of chicken and chicken is a primary source of proteins. So not only would your burger be delicious,

It would also be good for your health as well.. Now if you ever have a craving of eating a crispy chicken burger but you do not feel like going out,

That would not be a problem at all as you can always make yourself one at home using Sabroso’s crispy Zesty Fillet.


Sabroso Zesty Fillet
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