Shan Achar Gosht Masala

Shan Achar Gosht Masala

Shan Achar Gosht Masala is a dry powder blend of spices and herbs, designed so that even a beginner can prepare a delicious dish of Achar Gosht.

You can save time by using Shaun Achar Meat Massage to preserve the full flavor and aroma of fresh spices and herbs. The use of spicy meat spice makes cooking much easier as it reduces the essential ingredients.

Also, you can find a step-by-step recipe on the box to help you cook. Shan Achar Gosht Masala can also be used to make pickle cam, a dish of South Asian pickles and roasted meat, the recipe of which you can find on the box.

Ingredients: red pepper, black pepper, white salt, cumin, papaya, coriander, fennel seeds, ginger, fenugreek leaves, bay leaf, spider seeds, pepper, grinder, Kaseya, cardamom, citric acid,

In 2000, Shan increased its penetration in the central and northern regions of Pakistan, and officially launched in India in 2004 by organising a cooking competition in New Delhi,

Shan exports to 52 countries making it Pakistan’s largest exporter of packaged spice, food, and rice mixes


Shan Achar Gosht Masala
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