Shan Coriander Powder 100 grm

Shan Coriander Powder 100 grm


Shan is a name of trust. All the spices are fresh, fragrant and rich in flavor. Shan coriander powder is formed by crushing the dried seeds of coriander,

It’s used in all types of food. Coriander is essential part of Asian cuisine. Both the forms, seed and powder used to make recipes flavor full. It has great savory, sweet and earthy flavor,

It has a lot of health benefits too. It can maintain the cholesterol level in our body. Shan coriander powder is a name of trust they give us pure,

freshly grounded and clean spices to consumer. Not only save your time but leaves a long-lasting flavor on your tongue.


Shan Coriander Powder 100 grm
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