Shan Tikka Masala

Shan Tikka Masala

Shan Tikka Masala Mix helps you to cook your hungry, fragrant, tasty, and juicy chicken kebabs to satisfy your kebab craving.

Masala Tikka, boneless beef pieces are prepared in spices and yogurt, which are fried in the oven and served in a creamy curry sauce.

This is one of the most exciting snacks of Indian pairing. But like many Pakistani dishes that were actually low in fat, the modern version of Tikka Masala is anything but.

The average serving contains 1249 calories and 90.8 grams of fat. Most of it comes from ghee and heavy cream,


Shan Food Industries was founded as a cottage industry in 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan by Sikandar Sultan,

the founder & chairman. A few years later it started exporting to Europe, United Kingdom, United States and the Middle East. By 2008,

Shan had become hugely popular within Pakistan due to its quality brands which were selling at affordable prices for common people.

The company is now exporting its products to over 50 countries as well in 2008,

In 2000, Shan increased its penetration in the central and northern regions of Pakistan, and officially launched in India in 2004 by organising a cooking competition in New Delhi.

Shan exports to 52 countries making it Pakistan’s largest exporter of packaged spice, food, and rice mixes.



Shan Tikka Masala
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