Shangrilla Vinegar 300ml

Shangrilla Vinegar 300ml

Made with the best quality ingredient this synthetic vinegar is a must have for your kitchen as it works perfectly in adding to the taste of your food.

It has an immensely sour taste that can be used to intensify the richness of various BBQ food items. It is also used in marinating meat, chicken and fish,

to give them a sour taste and maintaining the freshness of food. Shangrilla vinegar can serve you in different ways by maintain your health.

It can control your cholesterol level and cleanse your body by eliminating toxins. Further, it can prove to be of immense importance in lowering or controlling your weight.

To reap all these dietary benefits, get your hands on Shangrilla Vinegar, right now!

Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, with an extended range of mountains, plains, and lakes,

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Shangrilla Vinegar 300ml
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