Sugar 5 Kg

Sugar 5 Kg

Sugar is the common name for soluble sweet-tasting carbohydrates is sucrose, many of which are used in food,

Table sucrose, cinnamon, or regular sucrose means sucrose, glucose, and fruit sucrose.

Sucrose is found mostly in plant tissues. Honey and fruit are abundant natural sources of infinitely simple sucrose. Sucrose is especially concentrated in sugarcane and sucrose beet,

making them ideal for efficient commercial production to produce better sucrose.

Sucrose is used in ready-to-eat foods (such as cookies and cakes), sometimes in commercially available processed foods and beverages,

and in humans for food (such as toasts and grains) and beverages. Can be used as a dessert. Such as coffee and tea).

It is not good for diabetes patients. They can suffer from this more. This may lead them to the end of their life. It may bring more diseases in their health.


Sugar 5 Kg
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