Surf Excel 1Kg

Surf Excel 1Kg

If you are looking for detergent with a month’s convenience, then this is the best option for you.

This is the 1KG pack of Surf Excel that has the capacity to wash your clothes easily for a month.

Surf Excel is one of the best-selling detergents in Pakistan because of how efficiently

It cleans out all the stains from the clothes and also removes unnecessary smell from the clothes as well.

This pack is also very budget friendly and affordable which adds to the convenience of having this pack of detergent at home.

Depending on how many clothes you wash, how many times you wash and how much detergent you use,

You can easily use one pack of 1KG Surf Excel for a month or even more at times. So, for a month’s worth of washing that is economically easy for you to manage,

The 1Kg pack of Surf Excel would be the right option for you.


Surf Excel 1Kg
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