Surf Excel 4Kg

Surf Excel 4Kg

The very popular detergent, Surf Excel. This is the 4KG pack of Surf Excel and it is the biggest one available.

Having more capacity and more detergent powder in it, this pack can easily last you for a couple of months but that depends on how much you use it and how often you use it.

Surf Excel is the greatest option for washing your clothes because it thoroughly cleans out all of the stains of your clothes, it removes all smells and odors and it does not fade out the colors of your clothes.

The chemicals in the detergent do not harm your clothes either. This packaging is bigger than the 2KG packaging, meaning that it gives you double the amount of detergent.

Not only is the detergent double in amount but the convenience of having this is double as well with such a big size.


Surf Excel 4Kg
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