Trident Original Flavor Bubble

Trident Original Flavor Bubble contains the original flavor of the world’s most beloved chewing gum, Trident. Trident leaves a very refreshing sensation in your mouth for most of the day.

Trident is one of the most wonderful chewing gums out there, which is why wherever you go, you could always find a pack of Trident at your local grocery store. Trident comes in lots of flavors, ranging from fruits to cinnamon.

This pack, however, is the original flavor of Trident, its minty sensation leaves your mouth and your breath fresh for most of the day. Each pack has 14 sticks which may be more than enough for you and you can share the rest with your friends and family. Trident is also sugar-free, making it safe to eat for people who may suffer from Diabetes.


Trident Original Flavor Bubble
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