Twisto Strawberry Jelly- Best & No 1 Jelly

Soft strawberry flavored jellies, full of flavor and excitement! Twisto jelly has a taste that it feels as if you are eating a real strawberry. It is Loved by all kids indeed. If you want your child just keep quiet and let you do your work in peace. Fed them with Twisto. They will enjoy it. Check other Chocolates here.

Other commercial processes include the use of a vacuum vessel, where the jam is placed under the vacuum, which is placed under vacuum It has the effect of lowering the boiling temperature to anywhere between 65 and 80 ° C, which has the desired synthesis and end result. Helps remove water from low boiling temperatures as it does when using the traditional open pan method, but retains more stable flavor compounds than fruit, with the added benefit of preventing caramelization of sugars, and However, once the required amount of water is exhausted, the jam still needs to be briefly heated to 95 to 100 ° C (203 to 212 ° F) to eliminate the existing micro-organisms.

During commercial filling, it is common to use a flame to disinfect rum and jar lids to remove any yeast and molds that may cause spoilage during storage. The steam is usually injected immediately before bidding to create a vacuum, which helps prevent both from spoiling and pulls down the tamper protection button when used.


Twisto Strawberry Jelly
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