Ufone Prepaid Card

Ufone Prepaid Card


The 250 rupees variant of the Ufone Prepaid Card. This card gives you an instant balance    of 250 in your phone,

You may then use this balance to avail various services from Ufone for instance you can use this balance to call your friends and family,

you can use this balance to send text messages or SMS to your loved ones and you may even use this balance as a method of online payments on Google Play Store,

through the option of paying through your Ufone Carrier service. Not only can you buy this card for yourself, but you may also buy it for your friends and family,

because it is a very convenient method of refilling the balance in your phone and it is best to have balance in case of emergencies,

So, get yourself a card of Ufone worth 250 rupees and get a balance of 250 in your phone right that instant.


Ufone Prepaid Card
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