Ufone Prepaid Mini Super Card

Ufone Prepaid Mini Super Card

For those whose budget are a little tight, but they still want to have the Super Card experience, you could always buy the Mini Super Card,

This card has a price of only 330 rupees which is very easily affordable. It helps you go through a duration of one month after which it expires and the utilities finish.

With such a low-price tag, the card gives you a very convenient amount of 4G high speed internet to help you browse through applications you love such as Facebook,

WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok. It gives you Ufone to Ufone minutes so you can talk day and night with all your friends and family and who have Ufone numbers,

Your off-net friends are not left behind as this card gives you lots of off-net minutes as well. You are also provided with lots of SMS to chat with your friends too.


Ufone Prepaid Mini Super Card
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