Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Gold

Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Gold


The same convenience for one month as the super card but with added benefits. The Super Card Gold gives the same utilities as the Super Card family but with greatest amounts,

This is perfect for the people who have a greater usage of their phone than other average people. The Super Card Gold has a greater number of mobile internets to help you run Facebook,

WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok. It gives you more Ufone to Ufone minutes so you can talk for a longer time with your friends and family who have Ufone numbers as well,

It provides you with more Ufone to off-net minutes so you can talk to them for longer times as well and it gives you the utility of lots of text messages,

so you can freely talk to anyone without the fear of your balance completely running out. So, for great convenience and added benefits, buy the Super Card Gold now.


Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Gold
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