Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Plus

Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Plus


More than the o Super Card and less than the Super Card Gold, this is the Super Card Plus. It is easily affordable and is completely balanced out for a person who has a medium,

usage of their phone. It gives you the perfect number of utilities to make sure you can easily go through a month without the troubles of having to recharge your balance again and again,

in the course of one month. This card gives you everything that you need, it gives you 4G high speed MBs for you to easily surf the internet, it gives you lots of Ufone-to-Ufone,

minutes to easily be in conversation with your friends who have a Ufone SIM as well, it gives you the right number of off-net minutes as well,

so that your friends who do not have Ufone are not left out either and this card gives you lots and lots of SMS to help you breeze through one month.


Ufone Prepaid SuperCard Plus
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