Ufone Prepaid SuperCard

Ufone Prepaid SuperCard


One of the most convenient options by Ufone, the Super card worth 500 rupees. The super card gives you a certain number of utilities that may easily last you for a duration of one month,

The validity of the card is one month and if you do not charge another super card within the due date, you may lose all your utilities and charging a card adds,

to the existing utilities that you have. The utilities include 4G mobile data worth about 1 GB for one month, Ufone to Ufone minutes for one month, an ample amount of Ufone,

to other network minutes for one month and lots of SMS, about 4200, for you to send to your loved ones,

If you want to save yourself the trouble of adding balance to your phone over again, you can buy this. So,

for a one-time investment in one month’s duration, buy a Super card for yourself now.


Ufone Prepaid SuperCard
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