Vim Liquid Dish Wash

Vim Liquid Dish Wash


Bursting with the power of lemon juice, this is Vim Liquid. It is known all over Pakistan that this is one of the best dishes washing liquids available in the country.

It works very well to remove all stains and residues from your dishes.

This includes cooking utensils, drinking glasses, plates for eating and basically whatever that ends up in your kitchen sink, you can use Vim Liquid to clean them.

All you need is as low as one drop of this strong liquid and lots of water to make some soap and clean all your dishes.

It leaves a beautiful fragrance in all of your dishes and also leaves a shine that would definitely last for days.

Vim liquid is also very economical and does not cost very much,

Add Vim Liquid to your grocery list now and do not worry about how to wash your dishes!


Vim Liquid Dish Wash
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