Vim Long Bar

Vim Long Bar

One of Pakistan’s bestselling dish washing soaps, the Vim Bar is popular because of how well it cleans dishes and glassware.

It leaves a sparkly shine to all of your utensils and they

Maintain their shine because of how well the Vim Bar cleans them.

The Vim Bar has added ingredients such as lemons which ensure that all of

Your dishes are cleaned thoroughly, just the way you want them.

The Vim Bar also acts effectively on oil and grease and with a

Slightly higher amount and a good sponge, you can clean out all the grease from your utensils.

It adds a beautiful shine to your glasses and one bar is enough to last you a couple of months as well.

The Vim Bar is very easy to afford and it should definitely be a part of your grocery list so that you can clean your utensils to the shine you want.


Vim Long Bar
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