Walls ChocoStrawberry

Walls ChocoStrawberry

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There are three basic methods walls control water intrusion: moisture storage, drained cladding, or face-sealed cladding,

Moisture storage is typical of stone and brick mass-wall buildings where moisture is absorbed and released by the walls of the structure itself,

Drained cladding also known as screened walls acknowledges moisture will penetrate the cladding,

So a moisture barrier such as housewrap or felt paper inside the cladding provides a second line of defense and sometimes a drainage plane or air gap allows,

A path for the moisture to drain down through and exit the wall. Sometimes ventilation is provided in addition to the drainage plane such as in rainscreen construction,

Face-sealed also called barrier wall or perfect barrier cladding relies on maintaining a leak free surface of the cladding,

Examples of face sealed cladding .


Walls ChocoStrawberry
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