Walls Cornettoo Cone

Walls Cornettoo Cone


Our Walls Cornetto pop cone is the perfect combination of dessert,

It has ice cream scooped in a biscuit cone with a delicious chocolate tip at the end. It is tasty and it comes in different flavors,

So that the customer can buy the cornetto cone of their preferred flavor. The biscuit it cones is crispy to eat and makes the perfect combination with ice cream,

It is usually topped with either nuts or chocolate chips along with yummy other toppings. This enhances the taste of ice cream and makes it much more beautifulm,

It is handy as you can eat it anywhere and anytime. You can enjoy Walls Cornetto pop cones on the road, after work or school, and while traveling,

It is also the best treatment for children and can also be enjoyed with a bunch of friends as a snack in between meals, The most flavored pop cone the walls.


Walls Cornettoo Cone
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