Walls Double Chocolate

Walls Double Chocolate


Our Walls cornetto double chocolate is a special treat for chocolate lovers.

It is garnished with chocolate chips and chocolate pops. It is available at very low price as we believe in distributing the happiness at very minimal rate.

The double chocolate cornetto is scooped with chocolate ice cream inside the biscuit cone which has chocolate tip at the bottom.

It is delicious and tasty. Chocolate is also known to improve your brains function. It also maintains the blood flow level in body.

Ice cream itself is rich source of nutrients and essential vitamins.

It has Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B2.

So, what is better than the dessert which is delicious and has health benefits? We believe it is the best deal.

So, head over to our website and buy Walls Cornetto double chocolate and enjoy it with your partner, friends and family.


Walls Double Chocolate
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