Walls Mango 1000ml

Walls Mango 1000ml

We know that everyone likes mango ice cream. That is why we have this tasty flavor in 1-liter pack.

You can enjoy it with your family after a meal. The same mango ice cream can also be enjoyed when you are with your friends and cousins.

It is the perfect size of a pack which you can get at very reasonable rate.

The frozen dessert comes in the aroma of mango. It is perfect to enjoy in place of mango as it would fulfill your mango cravings.

It has the perfect mango flavor. So next time

you crave for it enjoy our Walls Mango 1 liter pack. Not many people know but ice cream has additional benefits along with good taste.

It is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B2. So do not hold back next time,

Whenever you see our Walls Mango cup because we believe it is irresistible.


Walls Mango 1000ml
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