Walls Pista 1000ml

Walls Pista 1000ml

Walls Pista pack of ice cream contains delicious aroma or pista and a lot of pistachios in it.

It is green in color. So, if you are a pistachio lover this one liter pack is for you.

So that you can enjoy a perfect treat with your family and friends.

You can have this frozen dessert with your family after a meal or you can also enjoy it with a bunch of your friends.

It is delicious and some of you might not know but pistachio also contains health benefits. Pistachio has a lot of potassium,

fiber, and other nutrients. Pistachio might also help in minimizing the issue of cardiovascular problems.

The ice cream itself is a source of vitamins.

Thus, what is better than the dessert which has nutritional benefits as well as a delicious taste?

Visit our website today and order our special Walls Pista ice cream to make your moments memorable with your loved ones.


Walls Pista 1000ml
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