Weetabix (or Veetabix) is a food company responsible for the development of breakfast brands, including VeetaBix, Alpine, and ReadyBreak. The company also produces puffins cereals and snacks through Barbara’s bakery division.

The veetabix is a whole wheat porridge for breakfast that comes in the form of a palm-shaped cookie. It is the flagship product of the veetabix Food Company, is officially the best-selling breakfast cereal in the UK, accounting for 8% of the country’s total cereal sales.

The VeetaBix Byte is basically a smaller version of the “VeetaBix” that has the size of a “bite”, which can be easily put into a bowl, like a traditional breakfast cereal.

VeetaBix Minis – A sweeter version of Weetabix Bitesize, with different additions depending on the variety. Chocolate crisp, banana crisp, fruit and nut crisp and honey collar.

Outside the UK, the Vita Box Men’s has been launched and renamed at least twice in a relatively short time since its launch.

They were first known as fruit boxes, banana boxes, and chalk boxes (depending on the appendix), and later as minibux.


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