Wheat Flour 5 Kg

Wheat Flour 5 Kg


Flour is a powder made by grinding raw grains, roots, beans, nuts, or seeds. Many different products are made with it.

It is the most used daily food. Everywhere it is used to make bread all the day in hotels and restaurants.

Cereal sprinkle, especially wheat sprinkle, is the most important ingredient in bread, which is the staple food of most crops.

Cereal sprinkle contains either endosperm, germs, and bran, or only endosperm (better sprinkle ). Food is either different from sprinkles.

It has a slightly thicker particle size (degree of grinding) or is synonymous with a sprinkle. Check How to Make Sprinkle.

The word is used in both directions. For example, the word cornflour often refers to a more sandy structure, while corn sprinkle is a fine powder, although it has no codified distributed line.


Wheat Flour 5 Kg
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