Zong Prepaid

Zong Prepaid


This is the slightly pricier but more convenient than the card that costs 300 but since it gives you a higher amount, you have greater possibilities of the outcomes,

You can use the balance of 500 rupees for various purposes, you could use it for getting packages related to calls, you could get SMS bundles according to what you desire,

if you text a lot then you can easily get great packages for SMS using this 500-rupee card. If you have continuous internet issues,

you could always get yourself lots of internet in the form of 4G mobile data only by selecting the perfect mobile data bundles using your mobile balance,

So, if you are looking for convenience and also something that is light and easy on your pocket,

then buying the 500 rupees card from Zong would be the best option for you.


Zong Prepaid
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