Zong Prepaid

Zong Prepaid

Though this is the Zong card that has the highest price, it also has the most benefits out of all Zong cards. This card gives you a balance of 1000 rupees,

that can last you for quite a while depending on how you use it. You could use it for a couple of weeks or even months if you use your balance wisely,

With this card, you can make lots of calls, you can send a lot of texts through SMS and you can use lots of internet through Zong’s lightning fast 4G internet service,

Zong has the best service and coverage, it covers areas where other mobile networks do not, so this means buying the 1000 rupees card by Zong,

would definitely be a great idea for you if you are a person who makes a lot of calls, sends a lot of text messages and also has to browse the internet very often.


Zong Prepaid
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