Zong Prepaid

Zong Prepaid


The card from Zong that only costs 300 rupees, it is just as convenient as it is budget friendly. Zong has some of the best services out of all network companies in Pakistan,

It has great network coverage and gives signals even in the most difficult of places. This 300-rupee card gives you a balance of 300 rupees that you may use to your liking and your usage,

People usually tend to make lots of calls or they could send a lot of text messages. There are also some people who completely rely on 4G mobile data for their internet needs,

With this 300-rupee card, you can do either of the three things that you wish to do. You could get a package that gives you lots of calls or you could get another package,

that has a lot of SMS. Similarly, you can get 4G internet in your phone using this balance too.


Zong Prepaid
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